Take out menu

Honey Mustard
Honey BBQ
Country BBQ
Blue Bayou *
Garlic Parmesan
Honey Curry
Garlic Blue Cheese
Italian Greek *
Sweet Chili *
Salt & Vinegar
Ranch (Dry Rub)
Buffalo **
Spicy Buffalo ***
Spicy Teriyaki ***
Spicy Honey BBQ ****
Spicy Blue Bayou ***
Thai Chili ***
South Western Ranch *
Blueberry Habanera ***
Bacon Cheddar *
Greek *
Peanut Butter Thai *
Inferno (Our Hottest) ****
Caribbean Jerk (Dry) **



{The local health service wants you to be aware that the consumption of undercooked or raw meat, fish or eggs may cause health problems.}